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                                  UPDATE: Tufts announces fall 2020 semester plans


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                                  Barnum Hall, home to the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, on Tufts University's Medford/Somerville campus. 手机虚拟专用网络 Tisch College Launches Action Plan to Confront Racial Injustice

                                  The university-wide school of civic engagement highlights six ways they’re working to create greater racial equality at Tufts and beyond.

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                                  A house in Minneapolis’ Hawthorne neighborhood. Professor Julian Agyeman of Tufts' urban and environmental policy and planning department discusses how urban planning in Minneapolis maintained structural racism in the city. 手机虚拟专用网络 How Urban Planning Helped Create a Divided and Very Unequal Minneapolis

                                  The laws governing housing, along with redlining, were part of the systemic efforts to maintain structural racism, says Julian Agyeman, professor of urban and environmental policy and planning at Tufts.

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                                  手机虚拟专用网络 手机虚拟专用网络 New SMFA Art Exhibit Highlights Innovations Required of Students and Artists

                                  "Artists/Innovators," an online exhibition from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts' Continuing Education students, demonstrates how creativity can help us during difficult times.

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                                  • Global Leadership
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                                  • Societal Impact
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                                  • Transformative Experiences
                                  手机虚拟专用网络 手机虚拟专用网络 Diversity and Inclusion
                                  Diversity and Inclusion

                                  "Tufts represents more than an opportunity to educate oneself. It offers a place to be oneself.”

                                  — President Anthony P. Monaco

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                                  手机虚拟专用网络 手机虚拟专用网络 Global Leadership
                                  Mehdi Harandi enters the US through customs after the Trump administration's travel ban
                                  Global Leadership

                                  With more than 1,700 international students, 450 international faculty and scholars, and 6,000 alumni living outside of the United States, our global community is an essential part of our identity. 

                                  Tufts is committed to global engagement and international research. 

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                                  手机虚拟专用网络 手机虚拟专用网络 Innovation

                                  Our community thrives on embracing complex issues and marshaling the capacities of our unique constellation of schools to develop innovative approaches to local and global challenges.

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                                  手机虚拟专用网络 手机虚拟专用网络 Societal Impact
                                  Societal Impact

                                  We encourage our students, alumni, faculty and staff to connect with the community on local, national and global levels. Through leadership, partnership, mentorship, service and discussion, the active citizens of the Tufts community use their knowledge and research to develop solutions to social challenges. 

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                                  手机虚拟专用网络 手机虚拟专用网络 Sustainability
                                  New solar panels at the Cummings School for Veterinary Medicine

                                  From class projects and cutting-edge research, to extracurricular activities and internships, sustainability is an integral part of Tufts life. We offer numerous opportunities to get involved in developing solutions to local and global sustainability challenges.  

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                                  手机虚拟专用网络 手机虚拟专用网络 Transformative Experiences
                                  Owen Amadasun is hooded at theTufts University School of Medicine commencement ceremony
                                  Transformative Experiences

                                  We are committed to providing every student with ample opportunity for transformative experiences within and beyond the classroom.

                                  More on Transformative Experiences at Tufts


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                                    A recent study from the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging linked food cravings with loose eating patterns and higher BMI

                                  • John Durant checks equipment in the mobile Tufts Air Pollution Monitoring Lab.  The drop in traffic-related air pollution in the Boston area found by Tufts researchers offers lessons for the future.
                                    Yes, the Air Was Better During Lockdown

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                                  • A young woman points to a coffee bush with beans on it. Eric Wilburn helps run a business that directly benefits the people and wildlife in a national park in Mozambique—and hopes it will be a model for others
                                    Brewing Coffee for the Greater Good

                                    Alum Eric Wilburn helps run a business that directly benefits the people and wildlife in a national park in Mozambique—and hopes it will be a model for others


                                  India Napier, V20, in a classroom at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine with a bird on her arm.
                                  A Future Veterinarian with a Vision

                                  India Napier, V20, channeled her passion for diversity and inclusion into a STEM program for under-privileged elementary students.

                                  Read More About India Napier
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                                  Henry Klapholz, dean of clinical affairs at Tufts University School of Medicine.
                                  He Brought 5,500 Babies into the World. Then He Started Raising Doctors.

                                  As dean of clinical affairs at Tufts School of Medicine, obstetrician Henry Klapholz knows how to deliver on a good medical education.

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                                  Emal Lesha, a new doctor, posing in a white coat at Tufts University School of Medicine.
                                  A New Doctor Finds His Calling

                                  “虚拟定位”破解考勤打卡,专家警告高风险易致隐私泄露 ...:2021-5-15 · 作为当下职场的热门应用,钉钉的用户数已经超过2亿,大量企业使用钉钉记录员工的考勤情况。但新京报记者调查发现,钉钉打卡的破解软件充斥 ...

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                                  Sean Harrington, A14, posing for a headshot while wearing a Tufts Jumbos sweatshirt with a beach in the background.
                                  Young Innovators: Nutrition for Athletes

                                  Sean Harrington, A14, managed the software team for the Patriots, and now he’s got a startup focused on nutrition for top athletes.

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                                  Saherish Surani, A21, holding her book
                                  Letting Immigrants Tell Their Stories

                                  Tufts undergrad Saherish Surani, A21, interviewed people new to the country for her book "The Stories of U.S."

                                  Read More About Saherish Surani
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                                  Barry Trimmer, the Henry Bromfield Pearson Professor of Natural Science, and Daniel Caron, A20, in Professor Trimmer's lab at Tufts University.
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                                  Daniel Caron, A20, discovers how some insects sense and respond to pain, and may have created a new model for scientists.

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                                  Lisha Shakya-Lee, D20, at Tufts School of Dental Medicine wearing a white coat.
                                  A Steep Path to a New Home

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                                  Read More About Lisha Shakya-Lee
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                                  Meet the Man Leading Indonesia's COVID-19 Response

                                  Wiku Adisasmito, an adjunct professor at Tufts' Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, leads the fight against the novel coronavirus in the world’s fourth-largest nation.

                                  Read More About Wiku Adisasmito
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                                  Christine Jost, a graduate of Cummings School and Fletcher school, in the Somali region of Ethiopia talking to a group of women about access to quality animal health services.
                                  The Veterinarian-Humanitarian

                                  Christine Jost, a Cummings School and Fletcher School alum, works to get U.S. aid where it’s needed to fight COVID-19, locusts, and other emergencies across the globe.

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